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Letter to the Editor: Janice Vliet is wrong, I support women and children

CJ Milmoe

In a May 16 letter, Janice Vliet, a person who I have never met and who does not know me characterized me, as a “hypocritical do-gooder” who will be denied access to heaven because I do not care for people.

I am a lawyer and a Christian. As a lawyer, I wrote a letter May 10 endorsing Justice Alito’s opinion that the federal government has no power to regulate the practice of abortion, but state legislatures do. If his opinion stands, elected state legislatures will make the laws regulating abortion.  That would be a triumph of democracy over mandates by unelected judges and bureaucrats. Elected legislators can balance the interests of abortion advocates, who ignore the fact that abortion terminates a human life and pro-life advocates who recognize that a child in the womb is a living human being with a right to life.

As a Christian, I am prepared to be judged by a loving and forgiving God, who knows I have done my best to follow Jesus’ commandment to love and care others. I learned to care for others when I lost a child to cancer and cared for my wife during her terminal illness. I have done my best to care for children and their mothers directly and through a variety of charities.  There are thousands of Christian charities (two in Summit County which I have supported) that provide services for mothers and children, including prenatal care, childcare, education, and adoption services. 

May God bless you, Janice Vliet. I will not condemn you for your political beliefs. But I will not be condemned by you as a “hypocritical do-gooder,” because I believe that babies, not just abortionists, should be protected by the law. 

CJ Milmoe


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