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Letter to the Editor: It is Republican officials, not Democrats, who protect our freedoms

Ron Huffstutter

Where to begin. At least Ms. Susan Knopf did not hide her incredible bias this time in her July 8 column. Problem is she is wrong on so many levels.

It is wrong for the government to constitutionally sanction the killing of a child. That is a woman’s decision that she must live with.

Nor should the government confiscate your gun that helps ensure your family’s safety in a society plagued with violent crime. Why not prosecute criminals instead of putting them back on the street?

Republicans do not stand for less freedoms, rather they protect us from those who would take them away. Remember it’s Democrats who forced masks on us. It’s Democrats who shut down businesses, closed schools and introduced us to woke ideology. It’s Democrats who embrace police defunding, celebrate soft, progressive prosecutors and ignore total chaos at our southern borders.

Finally, her assertion that President Biden is not at least somewhat responsible for increased gas price is laughable. How about runaway inflation? I suppose no fault there either.

There is a radical right. There is certainly radical left, and then there is the majority of us who are neither. Vote for the best candidate who represents your values and freedoms.

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