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Letter to the Editor: A counterbalance to Estill’s left-leaning column on American politics

Maarten Meinders

Scott Estill’s commentary “A red warning to America” was a fairly left-leaning perspective on American politics and values. Let ‘s consider another perspective.

When comparing the increase in national debt under each administration, it is instructive to see what the money is spent on. Former President Donald Trump had to spend $5 trillion just on COVID as demanded by the people. President Joe Biden has already spent $3.1 trillion in half a term — spent on a rescue plan and a deficit reduction plan that were loaded with woke causes that they normally could not have passed in daylight. Also, you cannot reduce inflation by printing more money.

Secondly, Estill accuses Republicans of not promoting fiscal responsibility. Maybe Republicans, like all politicians, don’t want to commit political suicide by touching Social Security and Medicare. Yet Republicans are being accused of wanting to starve granny to death.

And why should it be the responsibility of the Republicans to reduce the debt. The Democrats have been spending money like drunken sailors on woke and questionable anti-fossil-fuel causes. Never a question about the increasing debt.

And please stop this “election denier” labelling. The fact is that there are many legitimate issues to be examined about the 2020 election, but the media will not even look at the evidence, and they try to shame those who do. Go see “2000 Mules,” and then let’s talk. As to your beloved Christian pastor Raphael Warnock — he stands against the core of what MLK preached: Be color blind. He supports the right to dismember a baby up to the moment of birth, sexualization of our children and mutilating them before they are of age, exposing young children to drag queens, and dividing the country with neo-Marxist class divisions using critical race theory. Some Christian values Mr. Warnock has.

Maybe this brings balance to Estill’s column.

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