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Letter to the Editor: A free society cannot exist without free speech as intended by our founding fathers

Maarten Meinders

Susan Knopf’s last opinion piece started out so cheerful explaining Hanukkah. Why then use this beautiful story to go into a politically motivated tirade suggesting that anyone who has questions about election fraud is filled with hate and promotes violence towards minorities (Jews, Blacks, homosexuals, and implied: trans people). This is a lie from the pit. True Christians love the Jewish people. Most conservatives have minority friends and accept them as adults who can live their lives as they wish.

However, they do oppose the relentless recruitment of our children into a near-religious fanaticism to destroy their innocent childhood and try to persuade them to not trust their parents and allow themselves to be mutilated to the point that they never can have children. The same with persuading children to “experiment” with homosexuality. The issue is not about individuals. It is against rabid activism that tries to destroy the values that kept this country united and stable.

Her comment that the First Amendment should be reinterpreted to ban hate speech is unbelievably reckless. The idea that speech equates violence is simply a lie to destroy free speech and censor political opponents (like 40% of the country?). Violence involves physical force. Stating one’s opinion does not release a mob of angry white supremacists who have been conveniently redefined as white conservative Christians. Racism is not defined as some nebulous inborn tendency to oppress Blacks. Most whites support equality and a colorblind society, like Martin Luther King Jr.

Free speech is meaningless if it only covers those you agree with. And who gets to define what hate speech is? I find her piece offensive and “agitating,” so now what. This “hate speech” thing is consistently used to silence conservative thought. Folks, a free society cannot exist without free speech (as intended by our founding fathers). 

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