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Letter to the Editor: A plea to potential mass killers

Linda Perrotti

I issue you a challenge, a ticket to inner peace. Instead of a trail that breeds unbearable havoc and loss, look to the light — God’s light — available at all times. Your possible actions are more than just “screwing up!” They belie another extension of evil that looks to further destroy the fabric of our nation. Survivors are left with mental carnage, agonizing loss, guilt and pain that will never cease.

Suicides have become prevalent due to the fact that you have lived and your loved ones didn’t.

I ask you, “What is your agenda for your life?” Maybe you don’t have one. This could be the crux of your problem. Ask God to reveal to you your purpose. He will.

In our world today, laden with evil and destructive forces, mass killings bring me to my knees, horrific. No matter how hard I try to drown out the screams of the victims, their anguish clings to me, a reminder of how low we have fallen.

I am sickened, angered at these senseless, useless acts. What are mass killings trying to tell us? Let me be part of the answer. I believe we have lost our instinct for unity. Each and everyone of us  needs to internalize the concept that we are one — one with each other and one with God.

To potential mass killers, you need to seek out a spiritual community, have others with whom to sing and pray, to share vision and tears and to intimately work for the healing of ourselves and the world. Seek out mental health facilities, as they could provide much needed support.

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