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Letter to the editor: America is about capitalism and not socialism

Sorry Bernie, but socialism would never win in America. Why? Because 65% of Americans don’t want to be equal; they want to be rich.

Hey, why do you think communist Russia and China adopted capitalism? Socialism didn’t work in those countries. Their citizens compared their country to the U.S. and saw the U.S. as superior. (They all had seen our movies, our glossy magazines. Our Republicans think that Soviet Union was defeated by Reagan’s defense budget. But it was probably the TV show “Dallas.”) So Russia and China adopted capitalism.

But America isn’t a capitalistic nation. Because in capitalistic America, only one in a thousand is a capitalist. (Definition: A person who makes 51% of their income from interest, dividends or royalties, not labor.) We are a laboring country.

Most Americans are three paychecks away from starvation. They know the rich are getting richer, but who wants to rock the boat? At least they have a job. They know what happened in the Great Depression that started in 1929.

So the Democrat or Republican who can guarantee that 51% of Americans can easily become capitalists will win the election. (I’m betting on the donkey because he’s less into greed and the ego.)

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