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Letter to the editor: An irrational fear of people who display the American flag

Melanie Heinicka

Dave Brewster’s letter, “Don’t let the far-right hijack the American flag,” was disgraceful and simple-minded. You say you were fearful of someone displaying the American flag, and you label them as far-right? Oh yeah, only the far-right are proud to live in America. This pickup truck owner wasn’t burning the flag, advocating the killing of police or looting their city; they were just flying Old Glory.

Did the person driving this truck or any occupants try to run you over? Did you decide to judge them on their choice of vehicle? Did they point a gun out the window and try and shoot you? Did they even look at you or say anything to you or your group to make you fearful?

Not according to your commentary. You just assumed that they were hijacking our flag. Then you go on to say that a young child was in your group and has become afraid of people displaying the American flag. How short-sighted is it for a parent to teach their children to be fearful of something they should be proud of. Is the child also being taught to be fearful of police?

And I guess you concluded this person couldn’t have been displaying the American flag because it was Labor Day week (an American holiday honoring working people). Or because they where honoring a loved one who died in the 9/11 attacks. How did you decide they were not a veteran or someone just damn proud of their country?

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