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Letter to the editor: Awaken and raise your Love Quotient

Boot Gordon

Recently, I wrote a letter wondering why educated people would vote for Donald Trump. A guy answered my letter not refuting the complaints, but explaining how educated he is and saying he is for Trump. What to do?

  • It’s not about IQ, education level, bank account or ancestors; it is about heart or “consciousness.” (How close we are to our creator, or the amount of love we have for our Earth, our brothers and sisters, our country and God?)
  • Vibrations of love hitting Earth are raising the vibrations of light, and they are increasing daily.
  • Those who live in darkness, i.e. the ego, will not be able to handle the high vibrations and will depart Earth.
  • Trump’s LQ is the level of a squid. (I call our consciousness level LQ, short for Love Quotient, which is quite different from IQ. For instance, the former is easy to change, and you can have a high IQ, but a low LQ. Please have nothing to do with people below LQ 200 on Dr. David Hawkins’ Map or Scale of Consciousness. A score of 200 is the demarcation point between darkness and light. See his book “Power vs Force.” Those in darkness have almost no love for anything but themselves.)

Incidentally, anyone above LQ 400 can use kinesiology to determine truth from falsehood and the level of consciousness of any person, place, thing or thought in seconds.

As we rise in consciousness, we become:

  • More aware
  • Mentally sharp
  • Physically healthy
  • More prosperous
  • Morally awake
  • More joyful
  • More thankful
  • More in tune with our creator, guides, guardian angels

A new era is dawning. For the first time in Earth’s history, light has conquered darkness. Give aid to this dawning by awakening and raising your Love Quotient.

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