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Letter to the Editor: Before you vote for sheriff, think about how you want resources to be spent

James Tuthill

Jamie FitzSimons is likely a shoe-in to be reelected sheriff. He’s likable and has experience. 

But before you vote, think a moment about the position and what’s important for our safety. The job of sheriff at its core is about law enforcement and not policy. That’s for the board of commissioners. So what’s his record?

That seems hard to decipher. No one seems to have provided us any insight on the sheriff department’s record for arrests, types of crimes committed and effective prevention. Are crimes and traffic citations increasing or decreasing? What are the statistics on serious vehicle accidents involving other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists? These are facts voters should know.

I’ve written several letters to the Summit Daily News over the past few years concerning the hazardous driving in our county I’ve personally witnessed: not simply excessive speeding but dangerous and reckless driving; running red lights; and impaired driving. These are serious risks to everyone in the community, but there seems to be a real lack of enforcement.

Traffic laws affect all of us every day. We want to be safe when we go out driving, walking, running and cycling. Candidate Chris Scherr says we need more patrols on our streets. I agree.  

Two days ago while riding my bike along Colorado Highway 9, I observed many vehicles going well over the 45 mph speed limit. Enforcement: none. With more patrol officers on the roads, could the tragic death on Highway 9 a few weeks ago of another cyclist killed by a motor vehicle have been prevented? 

So before you vote for sheriff, ask yourself where you want our resources spent and for what.

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