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Letter to the editor: Call your senators and urge them to catalyze action

Emmett Bailey

El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, fell last week to the ideals of a confused and enraged minority. This sadistic theater left us in shock, the security of the future is again in question, and the only grief more tragic than the loss of life is the sinister idea that it can’t be stopped.

Don’t ever think this is the norm. There are few times like this to appeal to our better nature. We will press our efforts forward so that the lives of our lost loved ones were not spent in vain. Despair says this violence will endure, but why not envy change instead?

Factors of division, hatred and fear fuel devastation. And, thankfully, all three have political solutions because we are, above all, Americans bound to the same system. To bring clear changes requires awareness of issues that face us all. No time is better than now to recognize our common humanity. Discord is buried in our nature, but no law states that violence is its natural result. It is more difficult to forge forward with ideals against violence, united with allies and opponents alike. But it is wiser, and we must.

Realize, today, that major public consent has been reached on effective legislation. Background checks, red flag bans and psychological support all fall on a list of bills ready to pass. Impress the need for change on our lawmakers, contact Sens. Michael Bennet, 303-455-7600, and Cory Gardner, 303-391-5777, and urge them to catalyze action in the Senate.

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