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Letter to the editor: Copper refund policy focused on profits over people

Rob Kaminski

I live in the Denver area and spend lots of time and money in your neck of the woods. It was disappointing to see that Copper Mountain Resort is refusing to refund any part of our four-pack ski pass now that its season is closed. I would doubt that any one person considered the COVID-19 virus when they contemplated the protection plan for their four-pack.

This added notion of “protection” is their “I’m sorry!” After all, in our 200+ years as a nation, we most likely have not experienced anything like this pandemic.  I’ve read their positional statements with regard to this issue and have appealed to them to pass along my urging for a reconsideration. Having 30+ years in this type of environment myself, and dealing with these type of unanticipated calamities, it appears their warmly espoused cultural edicts on their website are being met with an antiquated policy focused on profits over people.

That said, perhaps Copper should look to meet its paying customers halfway by creating a win-win for company stakeholders and save some face with those who feel they are being punished for matters completely out of their control. During this upside down national crisis, maybe relaxing this refund policy could save some future paying skiers. A “meet in the middle” compromise seems reasonable and would be applauded by thousands, not to mention the PR, goodwill and additional revenue it generates.

In the end, I guess their leaders need to contemplate one thing: How much would it cost vs. how much would it bring in. I understand that’s the question every business needs to wrestle with. Maybe it’s time for Copper Mountain to create an upside down policy addendum for this upside down time.

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