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Letter to the editor: Defend free speech rather than calling for censorship

Allen Bacher

I am writing in support of keeping Morgan Liddick’s weekly column in the Summit Daily News. I find his commentary to be a focused and meaningful insight into the political dichotomy that exists today. His background and experiences lead to his observations and acknowledged normative op-eds. He is a focused and logical observer of the “human condition.”

His observations are, in keeping with a conservative philosophy, representative of the intellectual pursuit of common sense. 

It would behoove the antagonists, who are so moved to call for his censure, to study more closely the history of this country and the inherent freedoms we enjoy: our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Pay particularly close attention to the creeping infringement upon our “reserved” rights by federal, state and local governments bloated with bureaucracy.

A revisit of “1984” and “Brave New World” would reveal insight into the current crop of acolytes of Alinsky, Goebbels, Marx, et al, socialist philosophies.

Muffling the sane voices of reason, such as Liddick’s, gives into the very forces that caused “We the People” to march to the appeal of Thomas Paine. 

Though I do not generally agree with Susan Knopf and her “fellows in philosophy,” I defend her right to speech and opinions as I do Liddick’s.

As a strong supporter of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and as a veteran, I am loyal to my oaths, taken several times in my lifetime.

I invite the latest letter writer, James Beckmann, as well as those who cherish freedom of opinion and thought, to attend the numerous meetings that the Summit GOP holds each month and contribute to the discussions as opposed to calling for censorship of the remaining voice of conservatism in the Summit Daily.

The home page is TheSummitGOP.org.

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