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Letter to the editor: Democratic candidates are sure to lose again in November

Garnett Payne

Here they go again, liberal pundits and politicians hurling insults at conservative Americans. Hilary Clinton called us “deplorable.” Peter Strzok and Lisa Page called us smelly Walmart shoppers. Don Lemon and friends made fun of us on CNN, and Susan Knopf called us “cockwombles” in her column this week. Why do liberals think they are smarter than us? Do they get pleasure out of being so condescending?

Knopf’s recent description of five Republican lies related to the impeachment debacle was full of errors and omissions, too many to try to correct in this letter. Why are liberals so angry all of the time? Knopf gave us a hint, once again expressing her frustration that her candidate received 3 million more votes than our president did in 2016. Go back to history class, Knopf. We’re a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

The majority of the people in the majority of the states voted for Donald Trump in 2016, leading him to an overwhelming Electoral College victory. And it’s likely to happen again in 2020. It’s remarkable what has been accomplished the past four years: lowest unemployment, best economy, two new trade agreements, two new U.S. Supreme Court justices, two dead terrorists, the end of the ISIS caliphate, prison reform, lower taxes, less regulations, energy independence, protection of religious liberty.

Liberals are too busy concocting their next scheme to bring our president down to notice that they and their neighbors are better off and safer than they were four years ago. Thank you President Trump! Liberals are so out of touch with their constituents they recently declared “the heartland” as an offensive term. Really! Their extreme big government agenda and angry candidates are sure to lose again in November because despite liberals thinking they‘re smarter than the rest of us, they clearly are not.

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