Letter to the editor: Do Black lives really matter to Black Lives Matter?

Melinda Kornblum

Support for Black Lives Matter has fallen as many Americans, both Black and white, have seen enough of the riots and terror tactics to realize it is not the virtuous “peaceful protestors” we were originally led to believe.

No, in reality, Black Lives Matter is a hard-line Marxist, “Death to America” chanting, family hating, police hating, political attack group. They are working in concert with antifa street thugs to bring down our country!

Black Lives Matter wants you to believe that innocent black people are being systematically hunted down daily in the streets by evil white cops. This is not true!

According to respected Black commentators Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum, among many others, if you do a little research, you will find that whites are more likely to be killed by the police than Blacks and that Blacks are far more likely to be killed by other Black people. This sad fact, they say, is probably the most serious situation plaguing Black communities and the reason why most Black people, when polled, say they want more policing not less!

Thus, the creation of the Black Lives Matter street mural — which the Frisco Town Council (and unfortunately, many of their counterparts across the nation) enthusiastically supported — was totally inappropriate from the get-go. The council assumed, or pretended, that the words Black Lives Matter were simply a righteous truism and not representative of a specific and highly questionable organization.(Would a Make America Great Again mural have been appropriate?)

In the future, perhaps our elected officials will do some investigation before they endorse a cause and leap on board a passing bandwagon!

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