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Letter to the editor: Don’t be part of the problem. Take time to recycle properly

It was wonderful to see a story in the Summit Daily News encouraging recycling just before we all opened our presents on our respective holidays. However, a recent trip to the Dillon recycle bins filled me with dismay and disappointment. Too often ignored are the signs in front of each bin that indicate what the center accepts as valid recyclable materials and what it does not. Here are some of the items that I saw:

Brown paper bags filled with cardboard and boxes that hadn’t been broken down clogging up the cardboard only bin. Bottle caps and tops on plastic bottles that had been chucked into the bin that receives only Nos. 1 and 2 plastics. (Those tops don’t count and should be trashed in people’s general garbage). People had also deposited plastics of numbers far higher than the 1s and 2s. Then, too, there were glass containers in the wrong receptacle.

Responsible folks also had noted that there is a separate bin for glass that stands apart from the two larger receptacles. However, one does have to walk a few extra steps to get to this bin. Another problem were the screw tops to those bottles, which obviously aren’t glass but were there in great numbers.

Here’s one suggestion meant to be helpful: Why not print off a list of what is recyclable and tape it on whatever you use to collect your stuff? Another is to deposit only what the signs in front of the bins list.

Certainly, putting the right things in the right bins aids in helping to keep our environment less contaminated. Being less than diligent about what you bring to the recycle centers and where you put it only adds to the problem.

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