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Letter to the editor: Don’t let anything come between you and the ‘spirit of truth’

You do not need churches. You need the “spirit of truth.”

If you feel persecuted for not being allowed to gather in church due to the government shutdown, you are fortunate for it paves a way toward truth through prayer.   

Imagine reality: You have come from somewhere, you are going somewhere and in between, you are here at this transfer station to acquire something: the “spirit of truth.” Receiving “spirit of truth” is the reason you are here, and it’s the only thing you can take with you when you leave, and you better have it.

The way to receive “Spirit of Truth” is described in only two locations biblically. John 14-16 and 1st John. We get “spirit of truth” by loving one another. By loving one another, you have basically obeyed all commandments.  We’re informed it will teach us all things, and further, you will be loved by God.

Imagine Christians who have eternal life yet are not loved by God. It’s plausible that eternal life while being loved by God will be different for Christians who are not loved by God. Think pro-war Christians. 

After attending churches most of my life, it was being persecuted by a church that finally led me to the “spirit of truth.”  

I pray to God, through Christ Jesus, and ask him to forgive me for my sins.  Thank him for that blessing. I ask him to show me the truth as he wishes for me to know it, and show me so clearly that I will be able to show other people so clearly that they will be able to show other people still. And share it. 

Then don’t let anything come between you and the “spirit of truth.”

I have just shown you how to check what I’ve written.

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