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Letter to the editor: Don’t pay attention to Knopf. Vote ‘yes’ on Prop 115

Susan Knopf’s recent manifestos on abortion regulation and wolf reintroduction reveal that she is the kind of person who cares more about wolves than human beings.

Knopf supports violence. In her 800-word article on Proposition 115, the word “baby” appears once. Does she realize that baby human beings are being aborted? “Babies,” that is what pregnant mothers call them. Knopf would deny babies protection against the violent, brutal, uncivilized practice of infanticide by abortion. She supports wolves and abortionists. Both are killers.

Knopf does not share American values. She does not believe that babies are human beings endowed by their Creator with an inalienable right to life. She says people who hold that belief, enshrined in our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, are “imposing” religious beliefs by supporting reasonable regulation of abortion to protect the rights of babies.

Knopf is not a moral person. “Thou shalt not kill” is a moral precept accepted by Christians, Jews and Muslims, going back to God’s direction that Abraham not sacrifice Isaac. Abortion is the modern version of child sacrifice.

Knopf condones a systemically racist practice that kills nearly 200,000 Black babies per year, about 25% to 30% of abortions in a group that is 10% to 15% of the population.

Knopf is a shill for the lucrative abortion industry that makes money by exploiting desperate women and killing their babies for profit. Her column quotes a Planned Parenthood representative who complains that Proposition 115 will restrict abortionists from selling their abortion services. Too bad.

The hallmark of Knopf’s columns is a prideful self-righteousness. I pray that God will grant her more humility and less anger toward people who do not share her opinions.

Don’t pay attention to Knopf. Vote “yes” on Proposition 115.

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