Letter to the Editor: Don’t vote by party, vote by policy and for character

Ken Gansmann

The “For the Record” writer Susan Knopf recently said our vote counts this election. I want to believe mine has counted for 33+ elections.

I am a proud unaffiliated and pragmatic voter who was raised in a Democrat family atmosphere because our father was a teamster. Fortunately, my family and early schooling taught me how to think — not what to think. So, my first vote in 1956 was for Dwight D. Eisenhower (a hero and leader) over Adlai Stevenson (a career politician). My second vote in 1960 was for John F. Kennedy (a hero and leader) over Richard Nixon — another career politician and a man I never trusted. Lyndon B. Johnson assumed the presidency following the assignation of President Kennedy in Nov. 1963. Lyndon B. Johnson (another career politician) was reelected in 1964. He was, by far, the most-crude and fowl-mouthed president I have ever known. My conscience and family values would not let me vote for him in 1964.

I am proud to live in a constitutional republic — and not someplace like Cuba or Venezuela — where my vote counts and can potentially get rid of bad policies and politicians.

The “For the Record” writer asks us to vote a straight ticket. Why would I/we do that when the policies of that political party have caused all of us such economic and inflation misery for the past nearly two years and in my lifetime? Why do they deserve another two years to cause us more misery?

Remember, how to think is much more important than what to think. So, vote for character and positive policies in all elections. And don’t forget to vote. It is a very important right given to us by our Constitution.

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