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Letter to the editor: Downward spiral of government control is drowning Summit County

Kim McGahey

The problem in the big cities in America is not the people who live there. The problem is 70 years of liberal local, county and state governments that have treated their residents like slaves on an urban plantation. Liberal statist policies have stolen the dignity of work, degraded the anchor of the nuclear family and devalued education for inner city residents. The liberal ideology that the government, not God, should not just guide the people, but actually make all their important decisions — like education, housing, employment and health care — has bankrupted not only their municipal ledgers but also the liberty spirit of these city dwellers.

Baltimore can rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of Elijah Cumming’s cultural oppression as soon as it rids itself of its corrupt liberal urban governments.

Adopting growth-oriented, community-first policies like Ben Carson’s enterprise zones is a good start. Coretta King’s call for extended family unity is an imperative building block for a successful future. Franklin Graham implores elected officials from these inner city districts to make God the priority before their reelection.

A culture and a community that prioritizes education, staying married and ending government dependence is a culture that in a few short years will transform our big cities into productive, self-improved, happier places for citizens to grow and prosper.

This downward spiral of government control is rapidly drowning Summit County, Denver and the entire state of Colorado. We need to vote against any candidates that put government before individuals, dependence before independence and state before family. It’s not too late to save the historic foundation of what makes our mountain community so great.

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