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Letter to the editor: E-bikes and common sense

Mike Sledge

E-bikes are here to stay, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, given that riding Swan Mountain is the only way to make a full lake loop. As a long-time cyclist, I value fitness and stamina but recognize that many visitors here and older people or people with physical limitations can benefit from the boost they get from e-bikes. And, I recognize that common sense has to come into play because many inexperienced riders find themselves riding too fast for the conditions, particularly on descents and in turns where they drift into the oncoming lane.

To me, and to other riders I talk to, common sense would require that rental e-bikes come with a speed governor at, say, 15 mph. And common sense would say that stores renting e-bikes be required to pay $1 for every rental into a fund that would be used to pay for bike path patrols. The patrols would primarily be tasked with stopping unsafe riders and educating them about safety and courtesy.

Let’s welcome riders who previously were not able to ride for any significant distance while also requiring that common sense be applied for the safety of all.

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