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Letter to the editor: Elected officials took an oath to uphold the Constitution

Wednesday was a historic day. For the fourth time in American history, the House of Representatives voted to impeach a sitting president. Although the country is divided politically, it is important that we all review the facts with an open mind and self-reflection and expect our elected officials to do the same.

We often hear our current elected officials invoke the Constitution, however they seem to forget the most important words in the document, which are, “We the People, of the United States.”

We elect people to the presidency, Senate and Congress to serve the American public. We are, “We the People.” We should expect that all of our elected officials represent all of us, whether we voted for them or not. Our republic was established so that there is not one absolute power, and it includes checks and balances to ensure that our country does not become an authoritarian regime. Rather than just outright opposing the current impeachment proceeding or making a determination based on your political party, it is the responsibility of the House and Senate to review all evidence, demand that documents be presented and witnesses be allowed to testify and, if necessary, hold the president accountable for his actions. Blind loyalty to one individual or retaining your seat in the House of Representatives or Senate is not acting in the best interests of the country or the American people. Elected officials are responsible to the people as well as for the people, regardless of political affiliation. They took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and the American public should expect nothing less.

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