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Letter to the Editor: Electric vehicle batteries will contribute to e-waste and further our issues

Gordon Haines

Mother Earth called me again.

“Greetings,” she proclaimed. “I appreciated Lisa Evans’ column in the Sept. 19 Summit Daily which highlighted concerns about recycling and disposing of digital devices. I visited websites of High County Conservation Center and Drive Electric Colorado which tout the benefits of electric vehicles. Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t believe their websites address the problem of recycling and disposing of the batteries and electronics in EVs.

She continued, “Please tell Eartha that if she thinks there is a problem now with ‘e-waste’, she ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait ’til the batteries start to fail in all those EVs that are being promoted! How ‘bout a column about The Plan (if there is one) your nation has to solve the environmental impact and cost of recycling and disposing of all the hazardous materials in those batteries. Can you end your dependence on China’s dirty coal-powered industries to recycle and mine more materials for your EVs?

“And on the subject of EVs: Do you think if you had all been driving EVs for the past decade that the tropical depression which became Hurricane Ian would have died off the coast of Africa? Please don’t be so naive. You can’t control my climate. It’s my spin axis, my orbit and the sun’s activity. The water missing from your western states has been falling in Florida and Pakistan.

“During my last Ice Age oceans were 400 feet below where they are now. One time, millions of years ago, they were 160 feet above where they are now. I’m continuing to warm up as I have for the past 12,000 years in preparation for The Coming Ice Age, so please stay warm. Goodbye.”

I thought to myself, “That’s not complicated.”

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