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Letter to the editor: Emirates Airlines should stop flying to China during outbreak

Dianne Sample

Why is no one concerned that Emirates Airlines is still flying passengers to and from Beijing from Dubai, the largest airline hub in the world? Then flying from Dubai to more than 150 destinations in 85 countries throughout the world.

Since passengers could be asymptomatic with COVID-19 when flying from China to Dubai, then these passengers could be flying to anywhere in the world that Emirates flies after landing in Dubai. 

The following excerpt is directly from the current Emirates website:

“From 14 February, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will conduct a COVID-19 test on customers arriving from Beijing with Dubai as their final destination. Customers who are transiting through Dubai International airport will not be tested. Customers will be given DHA’s Health Declaration Forms at Beijing check-in, which they should complete and hand over to the DHA during the COVID-19 testing in Dubai. Our airport services team will escort customers to the health screening area at Dubai International airport on arrival.”

Why have all countries not stopped Emirates Airlines from landing at their airports when they could be bringing asymptomatic passengers to their cities?

Is this one of the ways COVID-19 is being spread so easily?

As a past health care professional, does it not seem that we, as global citizens, need to do everything within our power to stop this virus from spreading throughout the world?

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