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Letter to the Editor: Follow the rules of the Summit County recpath system, no exceptions

Chuck Savall

Thanks for the signed confession. Bruce Trigg, you are a danger to all that share the Summit recpath with you. Every user is expected, and required by law, to follow the rules that apply to the recpath. Making up your own means you’re behaving in an unpredictable manner, so you are highly likely to cause an accident.

The recpath rules are posted at many of the access areas, and — make no mistake — you can be arrested and fined for violating them. All users are mandated to stay on the right side of the path. Refer to Summit County Resolution No. 2004-43, stating the rules, enforceable by the Summit County Sheriff. These are listed on the Summit County government website as well, along with recpath etiquette.

Also note — and this is violated by almost all cyclists on the recpath — that everyone is required to notify the person in front of them that they are about to be passed. The common warning is either a bike bell, or yelling, “On your left,” meaning the cyclist intends to pass on your left.

I’ve been sharing the recpath for 30+ years, and it always shocks me how many users have absolutely no plan as to what they will do when approached by a cyclist from either ahead or behind. When I warn people that I’m about to pass, many turn around and step directly into the wrong side, then freeze in panic. Please make a plan, expect fast-moving bike traffic (25 mph is allowed), and make sure all your visiting friends and children have also rehearsed, in advance, how to react. It shouldn’t be a surprise.

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