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Letter to the editor: Go vote and celebrate your voice in our national chorus

An important distinction must be made about the world. Some things happen beyond our control: Tides come and go. The seasons change. We each get a little older every day. Change comes that we can count on, differences in the form of new days, new seasons, chances to grow. It would seem that we can satisfy our optimism simply by waiting patiently.

It would be beautiful and convenient if our country solved itself the same way. But Colin Powell called that “magic.” It could be said that a dream without hard work is only hope.

The rights of every individual here are inalienable, not inevitable. But that, I suppose, is the dream of the United States, that the foundation to freedom and equity is built here. And now, generations later, the dream as it ought to be is the dream we’re willing to make. What story do we tell about the United States now that we are its stewards? Shall we have social change? Do we begin closing the economic divide? Will we dare challenge climate change? Whatever gets done, it is up to us.

So this is the whole point: go vote. Go help your friends vote. Go help your family vote. Make it a holiday and celebrate your voice in our national chorus. If our country is anything it is a promise to each other. Vote not just to make the country a better place for ourselves and our neighbors but the next generations, too.

Double check your voter registration at GoVoteColorado.gov and plan to vote early if you can. Bear in mind that in these strange times, it is fair to expect voting to be a greater challenge given the strain COVID-19 has placed on our institutions. But please, go vote.

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