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Letter to the editor: Government must prove need continue coronavirus lockdown

Frankly, I was shocked at the vitriol directed at Kim McGahey’s letter to the editor advocating ending the lockdown. I have to say there was a great deal of incoherence in the response, among other things. But the truth is our economic health, which is rapidly approaching devastation, is critical to physical and mental health. There are a lot of experts who believe similarly, and I have read many thoughtful articles questioning the extreme lengths that many government officials have gone without any real justification, but plenty of hyperbole, exaggeration and reliance on “experts” without any question as to the underlying assumptions.

The most cogent article I have had occasion to read was authored by a group of doctors, written by Jonathan Geach, a practicing physician, and signed by a group of his associates. He titled his article “Eight reasons to end the lockdowns now.” It can be found at ZeroHedge.com/health/eight-reasons-end-lockdowns-now. In sum, his argument is that the curve has flattened, economic collapse and unemployment are destroying families, the health care system is not saturated (this is particularly true in Colorado), and that suicide may kill almost as many people as COVID-19 this year since economic ruin (a very real possibility for many) results in a wide range of health problems. I would venture to guess that the people who work in the ski industry were not happy to be fired.

Moreover the mortality was overestimated, as evidenced by the constant downward revisions. The final points that the author makes are that children are at almost no risk, personal protective equipment is becoming more available and, lastly, it is up to the government to show clear and convincing benefits of an extended lockdown, which thus far they have not done.

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