Letter to the Editor: Gun death disparity between US and world shows issues | SummitDaily.com

Letter to the Editor: Gun death disparity between US and world shows issues

Ted Woodson

The GOP. The party of life. The party of family values. The party of limited government. And the party of hypocrisy.

As we honor the newest mass shooting victims, the answers by leaders of the GOP is to search for mental health signs. To arm teachers. To station guards at every school. (Who pays?)

They say that controlling assault weapons doesn’t work. I disagree. In recent years, Britain and Australia dealt with mass killings by controlling assault weapons. They joined several European countries in doing this. The countries listed still have personal gun ownership, and they still have some deaths by guns. What they do is this: licensed owners, background checks and no assault weapons.

You will see the results below. These are gun deaths per 100,000 population per year, according to Wikipedia: England, 0.23; Australia, 0.38; Canada, 1.94; France, 2.33; Germany, 1.04; Italy, 1.13; U.S., 12.21.

Control of assault weapons will work. The courage of our elected representatives is what we need. 

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