Letter to the Editor: Here are the reasons why so many Americans vote Republican

Maarten Meinders

In response to Tony Jones’ opinion piece “In search for a Republican Tutor” I would like to help enlighten him as to why half the nation could possibly vote Republican.

First, former President Donald Trump does not define Republicanism. Many Republicans do not care for Trump, other than that at one time he was the only alternative to Hillary. Maybe you feel that Trump wants an authoritarian government and end democracy, but no normal Republican does, and neither will they allow that to happen.

Second, the word “MAGA Republican” is about as confusing and deceptive as the organization that calls itself “Black Lives Matter.” What does that mean? Judging by the rhetoric that Republicans stand for authoritarianism, end-of-democracy, back-alley abortions, and voter suppression, one would think that all Republicans see Trump as the savior of the world (the real savior is not on the ballot), or that they are all violent insurrectionists who want to overthrow the government by wearing buffalo outfits. If you believe that, you have been seriously brainwashed by the liberal media.

Requiring an ID to vote is not voter suppression. Repealing Roe v. Wade does not outlaw abortions. There is nothing extreme about protecting human life after 15 weeks. The Democrats, however, would allow a baby to be ripped limb from limb just before it sees its first daylight.

Also, Republicans don’t want their kids to be taught sex before they are ready. They want a gradual transition to renewables without destroying the economy. They don’t want to be labeled “domestic terrorists” when they don’t follow the party line. They want impartial justice instead of sending the FBI to “investigate” political opponents or parents who don’t want their authority being undermined by the teachers unions.

And lastly, we don’t want to be told by Arnold Schwarzenegger to “scr*w your freedom.”

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