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Letter to the Editor: Hold the county and fire district accountable with your vote

Christine Armitage
Blue River

Did your property taxes increase last year? You bet they did! After all the initiatives that were introduced with the innocent sounding “without raising taxes” in the past few years, Summit residents find themselves with a lot less money to pay the ever-increasing insurance premiums, food, fuel and other costs to live here. My taxes increased in just one year. This increase was not the result of a higher assessment. When the next reassessment comes, many of us may not be able to afford our homes anymore.

Everyone seems to be in support of Summit County government’s Measure 1B, expected to pass overwhelmingly. Why? Is it politically incorrect to vote against Summit Fire & EMS tax increases? I can barely afford my homeowners insurance. Yet Summit Fire and EMS has a surplus and they want more of my money?

While I support this funding, I am not willing to blindly throw money at it every year. Voters should take a look at the budget for our fire district and EMS spending. Last year taxpayers approved 6A to extend more money to fire and EMS services “due to the Safety First tax that will expire in 2022.” We voted to give them more money via the 6A measure last year, estimated to bring in an additional $4.5 mil in 2022.

But here it is again! This year they want even more money by putting a measure on the ballot to extend the very same tax they asked us to replace last year! Enough is enough. With a capital reserve of over $19 mil in the 2022 budget the fire and EMS district is doing just fine. We all need a break from the constant tax increases and start to hold these districts and the county responsible for their constant spending increases.

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