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Letter to the editor: Honor ancestral bond with wolves by howling each night

Kent Abernethy

This pandemic demonstrates irrevocably how interconnected and dependent we are upon our fellow humans and all life on Earth.

Now that we can connect biodiversity as essential to our survival, the web of life has lost some of its intricacy. Due to increasing extinction, the few remaining threads that still remain are easier for us to see but they are now fragile lifelines. We now realize what our ancestors understood, which is that we share with the wolf this web of life. Both species are dependent on all strands of this web, even the seemingly most insignificant strands, unseen and heretofore unknown.

Wolf and human, both apex species, are reliant on the seemingly insignificant threads that form the web that connects and sustains us all.

Mankind’s first domesticated animal was the wolf, which was without doubt the first animal bond that benefitted humankind. The wolf aided us then as dogs do today, in our survival and struggle for success as a species. What does it say when people adopt the language of the wolf to celebrate the first line of defense to the global pandemic? Certainly it harkens back to an earlier time when humans had a more sympathetic relationship with the wolf and the natural world. Let us not forget that early men and women had a very close and mutually beneficial relationship with the wolf.

Let’s honor this ancestral bond and our interconnectedness with a howl at 8 p.m.

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