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Letter to the Editor: I agree with anyone who denounces Trump and his partisan antics

Cesar Munoz

Would Mr. David Gray, who wrote a Sept. 26 letter, have criticized the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. for not dealing in “wisdom and grace,” i.e., for not staying in church but instead spearheading the Civil Rights Movement in the streets and even going to jail? Very polemic behavior although maybe not partisan in terms of Democrat versus Republican. 

Imagine challenging at that time the age-old and racist policies of segregation, voter suppression, and discrimination — volatile and incendiary racial issues — black vs. white, not red vs. blue.     

Ultimately, what probably disturbs Mr. Gray is that someone speaks ill of Donald Trump. But personally, I believe that Trump should continue to be denounced and condemned, even thrown in jail.

By the way, I’m neither Democrat nor Republican, though I’ve been labeled “Red.”     

Trump has left us a toxic legacy: nearly 4,000 migrant children traumatized and damaged for life because they were abruptly separated from their parents, the deaths of maybe tens of thousand of Americans from Trump’s criminally negligent mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the normalization of political violence that even the GOP embraces. Trump has spawned a vile progeny that includes right-wing extremists like the Proud Boys (see Andy Campbell, author of “We Are the Proud Boys,” DemocracyNow.org), but the list also includes governors like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who are following the cruel and disgusting Trump playbook. In fact, like a sniveling child, Trump accused DeSantis of stealing his plan to ship immigrants to sanctuary cities. 

In conclusion, I applaud Rabbi Joel Schwartzman and anyone denouncing the former president. Silence is complicity — and especially now, as we seem to be entering a period of political violence, similar to what preceded the Holocaust in Germany. Some even think Jan. 6 was our Kristallnact.

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