Letter to the editor: I suggest people start acting ‘awake’ rather than ‘woke’ | SummitDaily.com

Letter to the editor: I suggest people start acting ‘awake’ rather than ‘woke’

Melinda Kornblum

I’d like to propose a new term to add to our ever-changing political lexicon: awake.

Awake: An independent thinker not subject to peer pressure and propaganda. Does not believe he/she/they is owed anything by anyone. Does not wear their race, sexual identity or political persuasion as a chip on their shoulder. Respects other people and treats them like they want to be treated. Believes in individual freedom of thought, speech and action. Has a live and let live attitude.  

Woke: A whining crybully subject to group think. Relies on “cancel culture” to cow people or businesses they dislike. Always angry and offended or looking to be angry and offended. Inarticulate, cannot speak except in slogans. Cannot rationally discuss differences of opinion so uses the epithet “racist” to try to shut down anyone who disagrees. Believes the ends always justify the means. Oftentimes found living in mommy’s basement.

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