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Letter to the editor: I’d like to see some backbone in the Republican Party

Don Parsons

President Donald Trump recently has issued tweets calling for a delay in the fall elections and a shortened census process that will not count undocumented residents. Both of these proposals are blatantly unconstitutional since the date of the election is specified in the Constitution to be the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and the Constitution calls for a census every 10 years to enumerate all U.S. residents.

I have read several letters to the editor recently by those identifying themselves as Republicans, the political party that always beats the drum of strict construction of the Constitution in all judicial and policy matters. Delbert Bush, Kim McGahey and Bobby Cotten have complained about the Frisco street art, the loss of a Trump flag and intimidation by an unidentified protester carrying an “antifa” sign, but they have uttered not a peep about the most fundamental American value — sworn to by oath by every elected official, all military troops and many others — to protect and defend the Constitution. Of course, they are not alone in their party in keeping silent about this. I have not heard nor read any concern expressed about these proposed violations of the Constitution from any local or national elected or appointed Republican leaders, who apparently are willing to countenance the proposed action of delaying elections, a ruse by every tin-pot dictator wannabe.

Nor have they commented on the absurd notion that mail-in balloting will corrupt the election, another wildly irresponsible Trump assertion. We’ve had a mail-in ballot process for years in Colorado without a single verified instance of voter fraud. McGahey identifies himself as a candidate for elected office this year, yet he has not complained about potential voter fraud and would be scorned and humiliated if he did.

I’d like to see some backbone in the GOP.

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