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Letter to the Editor: Income inequality is an issue, but elected officials won’t help

Boot Gordon

“And a thousand years from now, people will look back at our world, and laugh hysterically over what idiots we were,” Ken Wilber once said.

Is it any wonder that our Senate and House “dogs” in Washington have such a low popularity rating? 

Scott Estill’s article “It’s all about the slice of pie” accurately and clearly says it all. Almost. 

Yes, the biggest problem is income inequality (not inflation), but why don’t we tax the wealthy? Why don’t our representatives (dogs) in Congress have the guts to do that? It’s because they’re on short leash by their masters. They represent the wealthy corporations, not us.

Therefore, the real problem is that senators and members of Congress in Washington and all state capitols take donations (pay) from big corporations. They won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

Solution: pass a law that prohibits lobbying. But we shant do that because our Constitution says we must have free speech. How about taxing the bastards to a point where they can’t afford the expense? Or a law that says the government will pay for all election advertising. Too expensive? TV corporations could “donate” TV time in exchange for air waves (Do they pay anything now?).

But who is going to vote for such a law? Maybe 100% of our legislatures are on the dole so their vote would be nullified because of “conflict of interest.”

So, do the states (the people) write the law and get two-thirds of the states to agree? Ahhh, there’s the rub.

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