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Letter to the editor: Inflammatory rhetoric and negativity only make things worse

Dr. Taylor Lynch
Los Angeles


Columnist Kim McGahey, let’s begin by discussing mask-wearing, a topic that should be simple and apolitical yet finds itself square in the middle of heated political volley. There is no component of belief in this matter; it is simply understanding or not. As an emergency medicine physician who cares for COVID-19 patients, I can assure you that even a simple cloth mask has utility and will save lives. If you don’t believe me, come visit the ICU where human beings of all walks have been stripped of everything, regardless of which box they ticked on Nov. 3.

In regard to the Danish study that you quoted, which I am sure you read thoroughly, the trial was inconclusive, poorly done, did not examine the benefit of reduced spread of infection to other individuals, and was done in a low prevalence area and in a nonrandomized way. I urge you to not confuse science with clickbait news headlines.

Let’s drop the political bickering that deafens the voice of healing. America is sharply divided, yet this vast schism was begot by many small cracks. Thus, it is from these small cracks that the rebuilding process begins — from the ground up, cementing unity in every small town across our country. Summit County should be leading the charge on this front, not inundating full-time residents and visitors with inflammatory rhetoric and negativity. If I could place a banner across Main Street, it would read, “Love wins.”

Perhaps, you can use your platform to tend to the wounds of America and begin the restorative process rather than drive the proverbially divisive stake deeper into Summit County and the United States. Let us keep our bodies distant, bring our hearts together and keep the conversations going. We can still talk while wearing a face covering.



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