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Letter to the editor: It is time to resist and to hold our leaders to account

David Jansen

The closing of Ready, Paint, Fire! is an important story, and here’s why:

Last night, my wife and I spent a wonderful evening at the Stroll Along the Blue, a First Friday event sponsored by the town of Silverthorne. The event encouraged participants to stroll along the Blue River recpath to enjoy free food, art exhibits and music venues. Local establishments, such as Sauce on the Blue, were doing a robust business as a result of the increased traffic. The event was well attended, and from what I could observe, there appeared to be no mechanism to limit attendance. For the most part, everyone wore face coverings and socially distanced where possible. Except for the ubiquitous mask wearing, the event appeared to be something out of life before COVID-19. I fully support this event.

In contrast, I found the story about the closing of Ready, Paint, Fire! extremely disturbing. In the views of our elected leaders, this business was not arbitrarily deemed “essential.” And the onerous restrictions placed on it to combat COVID-19 clearly contributed to its demise. Why are some businesses, or officially sanctioned events for that matter, allowed to prosper while others are crushed? Certainly, the operations of a small art studio could not pose a greater health risk than the recent Stroll Along the Blue event. Ready, Paint, Fire! will not be the last business destroyed by bad policy. I fear that only when those businesses are gone will we see how essential they truly were. 

If we believe that government receives its just powers from the consent of the governed, then we should believe that as citizens we are still in charge. It is time to resist and to hold our leaders to account for the inequitable and disastrous policies imposed on we the people.

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