Letter to the Editor: It’s not surprising that Colorado GOP officials voted against gun reform

Allison Perry
Blue River

Is it really surprising that only Democratic Party elected representatives from Colorado voted in favor of bipartisan gun control legislation?

At this point, especially in light of Roe v. Wade being overturned, it would seem it has become utterly impossible for Republican Party representatives to do anything not purely motivated by self-interest and power.

Despite glaring hypocrisy, voters blindly allow them to excuse every hugely consequential, bad decision or failure to act with “because … God” or “because … Constitution.”

Most of these representatives don’t seem to know anything about the Constitution or The Bible. U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, for example, will continue to worship guns over God (such a great Christian, isn’t she?) until she has to walk into a morgue and identify the eviscerated remains of one of her sons halfway through recess. Boebert introduced legislation to classify Fentanyl as a “weapon of mass destruction” in June because, in her words, “Fentanyl is America’s silent killer and is now the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45. … The saddest thing about the fentanyl crisis is that it is preventable.”

Apparently Boebert and the rest of her ilk only believe violence is preventable if it’s quiet. Applying the common Republican rhetoric to fentanyl should sound like “the best way to not die from fentanyl is to abstain from being a disgusting junky” or “fentanyl doesn’t kill people, addiction and lack of God does” or “the Constitution grants us the right to put whatever we want into our own bodies.” And if Boebert owned an opioid cafe rather than a Hooters-but-with-guns restaurant, that’s exactly what we’d be hearing.

Boebert isn’t the problem, she’s just emblematic of the perverted form of Christianity and malignant hyper-individualism voters are getting duped with while politicians who have nothing at stake line their pockets with blood money.

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