Letter to the Editor: It’s time we voted radical liberals out of political office

Kim McGahey

The President Joe Biden cabal and its local liberal Democratic useful idiots, like Summit Daily News columnist Susan Knopf, are intentionally trying to take down America. Liberals are encouraging globalist open borders, enabling rampant crime in major metropolitan areas by defunding police and crippling a robust economy with excessive government spending, taxation and regulation.

This is no accident! Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emmanuel, et al., are pulling the puppet strings of a hapless president by purposefully implementing their crippling Marxist agenda in order to create constant economic, political and cultural crises.

These problems could easily be resolved by rebuilding a potent border patrol and completing the border wall, funding active local police departments and lawful prosecutor offices, and allowing the animal spirits of supply and demand to let capitalism create a world-leading economy.
But that’s not the liberal Democrats’ evil plan. They never let a crisis go to waste and have used the COVID-19 coronaphobia emergency to unleash identity politics on the population, forcing white versus Black, male versus female and poor versus rich.

According to Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” if the liberal progressive  elites can keep the huddled masses in constant conflict with each other, then those masses can be controlled and manipulated by those elites who plan to solve the problem they created with their own government solution.
So, the open border, the rampant crime and the crashing economy are intentional crises manufactured and prolonged by the radical left to control “we the people” through their pervasive central planning. 

Had enough of high prices and unsafe communities? Vote the Democrats out in November!

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