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Letter to the editor: Knopf draws uncertain conclusions in Feister Preserve column

As a 22-year second home owner in Frisco/Bill’s Ranch, I am writing in response to Susan Knopf’s column of Jan. 24. While giving lip service to the unique history of Bill’s Ranch, the remainder of her opinion is difficult to understand. First, open space is open space, and one person’s “local pressure” is another’s “that’s what the people wanted.” Second, Bill’s Ranchers call the parcel the Fiester Preserve because that is its legal name. Third, labeling pine beetle impacted areas as “dirt” and condemning them is both inaccurate and alarming. Fourth, Susan quotes a BOCC member who clearly has an agenda, who in turn is quoting Judy Anderson, a much loved Bill’s Ranch luminary. Ms. Anderson left Bill’s Ranch five years ago and died last year. Constructing an argument based on an unverifiable quote from a deceased person is a stretch that reveals more about the writer than the issue.

As a Frisco/Bill’s Ranch booster who looks forward to spending retirement here, I believe the issue is this:

Does the county have any kind of master plan for development and infrastructure? If so, does it call for condemning conservation easements as a first choice when looking for land?

If the county does not have have a plan, why not? And again, why is its first move to covertly go after open space?

In five to 10 years, the Fiester preserve will once again be a forest that guards our town’s main gateway to an incredible expanse of natural beauty and recreational opportunity (Miner’s Creek Road to the bike path, Rainbow Lake, the Colorado Trail and beyond). Of course change will come, but let’s keep the special nature of our little crossroads — that’s what brought us all here.

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