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Letter to the editor: Law enforcement is on the side of law-abiding citizens

The law enforcement profession in our country is being castigated severely and in  some individual cases, deservedly so. However, just as a few individuals take advantage of legitimate protestations, using the event to loot and promote mayhem, there are a few bad cops who may be in the profession to satisfy their controlling natures and unbridled anger issues.  I believe the law enforcement establishment is on the side of all law abiding American citizens and will not take the opportunity to oppress those who peacefully protest or gun down some “others” over suspicion of wrongdoing. 

A case in point is our own Summit County law enforcement officers involved in an event in December 2016 as reiterated in the Summit Daily News edition of June 4, 2020. In some other law enforcement jurisdictions, Nathaniel Leisz might have been shot numerous times by cops claiming self-defense. Instead, a well-placed bullet to the hand finally ended an event that could have turned out badly for all individuals involved, not just Leisz. My kudos to our local men and women in blue and thank you.

I feel I must take issue with Ellie Browne’s letter to the editor June 5 concerning police dismantling an oppressive system. While I agree with the tenor of her letter, I would remind her that all of us are complicit in the system, and all of us need to be involved in dismantling and rebuilding it to a level of fairness for everyone: black and white, rich and poor, by peaceful protests, letters to congressmen and editors and/or seeking political office ourselves. By donning the uniform, the wearer is sworn to uphold the laws of our land. To do less promotes chaos.

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