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Letter to the editor: Liddick column exaggerates Trump accomplishments

John Schnobrich

Morgan Liddick’s column “GOP presents forward-looking proposals for a bright future” continually exaggerates and distorts Trump’s accomplishments. But I would like to put the long list of social issues aside for a moment and talk to Liddick, a 27-year U.S. Foreign Service worker, about an issue that should concern him deeply.

When the president misappropriates funds, authorized by Congress in the military budget just to build his wall, when his overnight tweet announced he is pulling American troops out of Northern Syria and leaving our allies (the Kurds) to die at the hands of the Russian-backed Syrian army, when he brushes off reports by his own intelligence people that Russia may be placing a bounty on American soldiers lives, he has crossed the line. Our Constitution should be sacrosanct. No president should ever be allowed to pick and choose the parts he wishes to follow. No president should abandon our allies on the battlefield with an overnight tweet. And who are we as a country when we allow a president to ignore potential threats to the young men and women we send into harm’s way?

Trump did not create many of the extreme attitudes in America today, but he and his enablers have emboldened them. There is so much hate and vitriolic speech supported by lies and conspiracy theories that it has become impossible to carry on a reasonable dialogue.

Conservative writer Michael Gerson, in a Washington Post editorial said, “Commitments to civility, bipartisanship, basic decency … are anchors of social stability … are foundations of good government.” Trump is no “anchor of social stability” and he is definitely not a “foundation of good government.”

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