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Letter to the editor: Liddick, spring-breakers share common attitude

Jim Callison

Morgan Liddick’s assertion of a “Blind coronavirus panic” (Summit Daily, March 17), recalls spring-breaking students on crowded beaches saying “it’s not gonna stop us from partying.”

Both display irresponsible attitudes toward the worsening crisis. The student doesn’t know, or care, he could contract coronavirus, then unknowingly transmit it to others more vulnerable. Liddick argues if this epidemic isn’t as deadly as the Black Death, it’s no big deal. That’s like saying your house burning was nothing because it wasn’t as bad as the Great Chicago Fire.

To those directly and indirectly affected, this is “a pandemic worth worrying about.”

Those directly affected include people who are sick and brave medical professionals treating them (many lacking necessary personal protective equipment, since we weren’t prepared for a pandemic).

Those indirectly affected include people losing jobs and income because employers determined the risks were too great to remain open.

Liddick, would so many businesses (large and small) shut down, losing billions of dollars, for no reason?

He fumes about “politicization of epidemiology” then proceeds to politicize it himself. President Trump did that, too, claiming it was “a Democratic hoax.”

Contrast that with Gov. Larry Hogan, R-Maryland, who said, “We’re not Democrats or Republicans in a crisis; we’re all Americans and in this together.”

Trump boasted U.S. containment of the virus was “close to airtight,” even though it was already beyond containment, with confirmed community spread. Trump’s failure to act decisively, immediately, cost precious time that could have reduced its surge.

In 2014, during the Ebola crisis (much less widespread here, thanks to effective containment), then-citizen Trump attacked President Obama, tweeting Obama should “apologize to the American people and resign!” Wonder if he (and Liddick) will apply the same standards now? Don’t hold your breath for an apology or resignation from either.

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