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Letter to the editor: Liddick’s columns only create division in Summit County

Karen Gugger

Why on earth is Morgan Liddick’s divisive Trump-loving, right-wing BS still being published in the Summit Daily? I have always wondered why he was ever given the time of day in our local newspaper but especially now when we can finally see an end to four years of divisive Trump rhetoric. 

It’s bad enough that Trump is not accepting the results of a fair and equal election as Hilary Clinton did four years ago (even though she won the popular vote) without having to see Liddick’s alt-right conspiracy theories published in black and white. If this is what you want to believe, there’s plenty of that to be found online. 

Why doesn’t the Summit Daily take a leaf out of Facebook and Twitter’s playbook and only publish articles that can actually be substantiated, instead of continuing to publish “On Your Right,” which is just more of the lies that we have all been listening to from this corrupt president and his administration for the last four years. 

If the Dems really rigged the election, why on earth wouldn’t they have created the “blue wave” we were all hoping for and taken the Senate, as well! Plus if Trump says the election was rigged we know the opposite is true because nothing that comes out of this president’s mouth is ever true, and that’s a fact! If the Summit Daily is a nonbiased publication, let’s hear a rebuttal to “On Your Right” from someone “on your left”!

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