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Letter to the Editor: Local politicians support President Joe Biden’s inflation spending hoax

CJ Milmoe

President Biden’s so-called Inflation Reduction Act squeaked through Congress with the narrowest of margins after Sen. Chuck Schumer bought off Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema with goodies for the carbon-emitting fossil industry, billionaire investors and hedge fund managers. 

It is a sick joke to call a bill that will include over $300 billion in spending for supplies and goods that consumers do not need an “inflation reduction” law. Inflation is simply defined as too many dollars chasing too few goods. The Inflation Reduction Act dollars will pour gasoline on the fires of inflation in Summit County, increasing prices we pay and not increasing the supply of goods we need. 

  • The Inflation Reduction Act will:
  • Increase the already high inflated prices Summit County residents are paying for housing, food, electricity, and gasoline and will not increase the supply of those necessary goods.
  • Increase interest rates which will increase Summit County housing costs and worsen our affordable housing woes.
  • Slow an already recession-bound national economy so we will have fewer tourists coming to Summit County to bolster our local economy
  • Raise taxes, which will not reduce inflation or the deficit any time soon
  • Give billions in “green pork” dollars to large corporations and investors who own wind and solar electricity projects, and wealthy owners of expensive electric vehicles. 
  • Green pork projects do nothing to reduce carbon emissions or global warming because the global demand for fossil energy with its CO2 emissions will continue to grow 

President Joe Biden can safely ignore Summit County voters, but he has two accomplices who are running for election here — Reps. Julie McCluskey and Dylan Roberts. Summit County voters can send a message to President Biden by voting against these two inflationary spenders in November.

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