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Letter to the editor: Mainstream media don’t cover the news; they cover up the news

Melinda Kornblum

Once upon a time, long, long ago, we had a press corps in the United States that was seemingly dedicated to ferreting out the truth. They strove to remain neutral, unbiased, dedicated to showing all sides of an issue. They exhibited something called “integrity.” Never more!

These days, we are exposed to highly toxic amounts of gaslighting, willful misinformation, blatant omissions and bold-faced lies by the corrupted mainstream media. They don’t cover the news; they cover up the news. They tell us what we see with our own eyes is not what we are seeing.

Exemplified by The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSN, CNN, PBS and many others, they act as rabid lapdogs for the increasingly radicalized, Marxist-bent Democrat Party.

As the vicious Black Lives Matter and antifa street thugs wantonly torch and destroy peoples’ lives and livelihoods in Democratic cities — enabled by their complicit, spineless politicians — the heinous jackals are dubbed “mostly peaceful protesters.” Yeah right! And all the while the mainstream press actively incites more rioting with their hysterical, snap-judgement, cherry-picked coverage.

Everyday citizens who “dare” to stand up to the paid mobs are branded and smeared as white supremacists and racists. The corrupt George Soros-funded attorneys general, who refuse to jail or prosecute the rioters, jump at the chance to prosecute those who try to defend their homes and businesses.

But there is good news. The media dinosaurs are steadily losing their death grip as their ratings and credibility nosedive. With the advent of alternative information sources online, more and more Americans are seeing through the coordinated mainstream game plan and believing their own eyes. Hopefully, the emerging truth will lead to good consequences for America.  It’s your choice.

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