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Letter to the editor: Many inaccuracies in Colorado River Basin talk

Terry Thoem
Houston, Texas

I attended the seminar organized by the High Country Conservation Center with a presentation by Brad Udall on “How does climate change impact our rivers.” Udall brought a great deal of knowledge of the Colorado River Basin, but his many inaccurate statements and omissions of pertinent facts about global climate change gave the attendees a false, biased picture of the extent of the climate change issue. A partial listing of the many inaccuracies are as follows:

Udall: The planet is warming.

Fact: There have been two warming periods and two cooling periods in the past 100 years. CO2 concentrations have steadily increased; hence no correlation.

Udall: Hurricanes are getting more intense.

Fact: Udall claimed that Hurricane Harvey dropped 60 inches of rain on Houston because the atmosphere is “juiced” because of climate change. Totally false. The amount of rain from a hurricane is primarily a function of the speed of movement. Harvey moved very slowly at 2 mph.

Udall: China is conforming to the Paris agreement.

Fact: There were no requirements for China until 2030. China is the No. 1 emitter of greenhouse gas in the world.

Conclusion: The audience was left with a biased, inaccurate view of the extent of the global climate change issue.

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