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Letter to the editor: Many need a helping hand through our tax dollars

Kari Kronborg

Written in response to the letter “Why should taxpayers open their pockets for senior housing?

I was raised to respect and help not just my elders but humans and animals in general. That help might come in the form of tax dollars to which I contribute, volunteering or direct financial help to those in need. Some people have spent their entire lives in Summit County and have their support systems here versus elsewhere and want to remain in the community. There is a need for additional assistance here for those who are no longer able to live alone or have difficulty grocery shopping or cooking for themselves. Compassion, Jake Mathews, is what you seem to be lacking. I chose not to have children but see the benefit and need to fund education through tax dollars. I had a good paying job and am healthy but also recognize that others are not as fortunate and need a helping hand through food stamps, Medicaid, affordable housing, substance abuse, etc., all funded fully or partially through my tax dollars. Services such as these are needed to foster a healthy and productive community. People 65 and over are eligible for Medicare (not Medicaid). All working people contribute to Medicare and Social Security throughout their entire working lives and the programs are funded through payroll taxes and the federal government. Jake, you too will be eligible for Medicare if you reach 65 and also for Medicaid if you become disabled or if your income drops below a certain level. I was at the grocery store a few years ago, and a young man in a pickup truck almost ran me down. I had a few choice words for this person and his reply was, “I hope you old people hurry up and die so that we can stop paying for you.” Jake, maybe that person was you. What a sad place this earth would be if we only had young, healthy people who never had any needs whatsoever. Our community is richer because of people of different races, ages, religions, etc.

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