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Letter to the editor: Morgan Liddick should remain on Summit opinion pages

In a recent letter to the editor (“Morgan Liddick sticks to White House talking points” published Oct. 30 in the Summit Daily News), Donald Samuels so typically demonstrates the liberal double standard. There is nothing in Liddick’s column that is factually incorrect. Samuels asserts Liddick has no respect for your intelligence, so Samuels can avoid engaging in a substantive debate on the issues that offend him.

He tries to reference the U.S. Constitution, but like too many liberals only proves he knows nothing about our inspirational governing document. In order to promote his one-sided view of free speech in the public square, Samuels wants to eliminate Liddick from any opinion role in the Summit Daily News because Liddick is one of the only remaining conservative voices in that paper. The founders would be vehemently opposed to this exclusionary tactic that runs completely against our freedom of the press.

As if lack of intellectual integrity isn’t enough, in a psychological affliction know as projection, he and other liberals accuse you of what they are guilty of. He says Liddick mimics White House talking points, yet nowhere in his letter does Samuels ask for or give any credit to opinions opposite of his, which, necessarily, reflect the Pelosi/Schumer propaganda.

Liddick’s main point is Adam Schiff is conducting a secret investigation based solely on a telephone call, the transcript of which is fully in the public arena. The House Democrats’ latest conduct in the multiyear search for a case worthy of impeachment has no pretense of due process for the accused, contrary to American jurisprudence. Schiff is presiding over a process where he is judge, jury and executioner.

I’d love to see the Summit Daily sponsor real debates among dissenting opinions in our community.

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