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Letter to the editor: Morgan Liddick’s ‘facts’ don’t mesh with reality

Kari Kronborg

Once again, Morgan Liddick in his Jan. 21 column spews his incorrect information just like the Republicans during the impeachment hearing. I did not fact check the entire column but am just responding to the statement “Working-class salaries are rising faster under Trump than they did under Obama.” 

Wages for production and nonsupervisory workers have increased 2.4% since Trump took office. During President Barack Obama’s last four years in office, the average weekly earnings for the same group of workers went up 4.9%, and over his entire two-term tenure, wages were up 4.2%. Under Present George Bush’s two terms, wages increased 4.2%, and under President Bill Clinton, they went up 6.4%. Real average hourly earnings hit their highest increase under Trump in February 2019 at 1.9%, but in November 2015, the increase was 2%, and it was the same or higher nearly every month that year.

I could go on with more statistics but will not bore you. Liddick — as with Trump, his Lawyers and the Republican representatives and senators — continues to ignore the truth and spew lies. Check your facts.

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