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Letter to the editor: Morgan Liddick’s newfound principles that we can all agree on

Jim Callison

Congratulations to Morgan Liddick on his newfound principles we can all, hopefully, agree on. In his recent columns (“Kamala Harris and her lies,” Aug. 18; and “Divided by a common language,” Aug. 11), Liddick outlined these principles:

  • Opposition to a “reprehensible tactic,” described in George Orwell’s 1984 as “totalitarian newspeak.” We can all agree, surely, that President Donald Trump’s description of the coronavirus — as “a Democratic, media hoax,” “totally under control,” “just go(ing) away” and his belittling of 175,000 American deaths from it as “it is what it is” — is totalitarian newspeak if there ever was.
  • Indignation related to Harris’ “situational relationship with the truth” and “casual relationship with fact,” as Liddick described it. Trump has accumulated over 20,000 lies, distortions and misrepresentations during his 3 1/2 years in office, according to nonpartisan, objective fact-checkers like The Washington Post. Surely we can all agree that if anybody meets Liddick’s definition of shameful political dishonesty, it is Trump.
  • Ridicule of Harris as “utterly without principle save that of self-advancement.” Surely that applies to Republican sycophants enabling Trump’s lying, without calling him out, when they know he’s lying: Vice President Mike Pence, who endlessly praises Trump for everything he does while dodging whatever questions he’s asked; all Cabinet members required, on a regular basis, to lavishly praise Trump at their meetings to keep their jobs; and most degraded of all, Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, who continues to kiss Trump’s, um, ring even after he accused Cruz’s father of somehow being involved in the JFK assassination. Surely we can all agree these politicians value their self-advancement above all else, including their dignity and self-respect.

So again, Liddick, congratulations on highlighting principles we can all agree on!

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